Whitepaper: Why Workforce IAM Cannot Replace CIAM — Built for Customers

IAM and CIAM are distinctly different. One fundamental difference between managing customer and employee account access? Control. Companies manage and limit the devices employees use. But customers expect the freedom to log in with any device they choose.

So if you try to meet customer needs with IAM instead of CIAM, multi-device support becomes your first insurmountable problem. This is merely one example. Many factors invoke major differences in the capabilities needed to serve and secure customers versus employees. We’ll cover it all.

In this white paper, you’ll learn 8 key differences between IAM vs. CIAM — unique challenges that dictate different capabilities and design. Customers and employees have vastly different needs in terms of user experience, scalability and reliability, devices, channels, integrations, privacy and data regulations, identity verification and fraud detection and prevention.

Throughout the paper, you’ll find relevant insights and examples that demonstrate why repurposing IAM for customers is the wrong approach. By the end, you’ll know what’s needed in a CIAM solution to achieve the best outcomes for your customers.

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