Tech Horizon: Dine and Meet Cloud Innovators

Meet visionary Israeli Startups, investors and tech leaders Pioneering Cutting-Edge Cloud Technologies

About GlobalDots: GlobalDots is a 20-year global leader in cloud innovation, connecting over 1,000 global businesses with the latest cloud, security and web performance technologies. Led by a team of seasoned engineers and architects, GlobalDots offers easy end-to-end innovation adoption, proactively introducing newer and better solutions to support operational excellence and business growth

About Glilot: Glilot is an Israeli seed and early-stage VC fund investing in the brightest entrepreneurs in Israel and backing teams that develop sophisticated technology, particularly in the areas of Cybersecurity, AI, Big Data, and other B2B software. Glilot was named by Preqin as the best-performing VC fund in the world for the 2010-2014 vintage, has recorded 18 exits to date, and has approximately $700 million under management in its four existing seed funds and one early growth fund.

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