VP8 is a video compression format owned by Google and created by On2 Technologies as a successor to VP7.

In May 2010, after the purchase of On2 Technologies, Google provided an irrevocable patent promise on its patents for implementing the VP8 format, and released a specification of the format under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. That same year, Google also released libvpx, the reference implementation of VP8, under a BSD license.VP8 is currently supported by Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium

After Google acquired On2 in February 2010, calls for Google to release the VP8 source code were made. Most notably, the Free Software Foundation issued an open letter on March 12, 2010, asking Google to gradually replace the usage of Adobe Flash Player and H.264 on YouTube with a mixture of HTML5 and a freed VP8.

Currently, libvpx is the only software library capable of encoding VP8 video streams. An encoder based on the x264 framework called xvp8 is under development by the x264 team.