The past decade has seen tremendous growth in the delivery of rich multimedia online. To capitalise on this, many CDN providers have created specialist packages to accelerate video delivery for their customers.

These companies include:

  • Advection.NET
  • Broadpeak
  • Giraffic
  • HDDN
  • Kaltura
  • Kontiki
  • Octoshape
  • Pando Networks

Driven by bandwidth heavy high definition video, many new technologies have been created to streamline the delivery of video online.

These technologies include:

Adaptive bitrate –This allows the bitrate, and therefore quality, of a video to be altered dynamically depending on the device and network being used for viewing the content. This ensures a seamless playback experience, no matter what device or network is used.

Progressive download – Progressive download allows a file to be played before being fully downloaded, with the rest of the file silently being delivered in the background.

P2P delivery –P2P delivery connects to the PCs of other users who are viewing the same content. This gives the viewer access to several concurrent connections of the content they are watching, improving delivery speeds dramatically.