It can be difficult to predict what levels of traffic your website will attract. Furthermore, purchasing the highest level of network bandwidth and performance can be expensive for smaller businesses if much of it goes unused. However, it is common for websites to experience poor performance, especially during times of excessive traffic. Load balancing services aim to help remedy this and overcome the uncertainties that many website owners experience.

Load balancers help to deal with unexpected increases in traffic by dynamically adding bandwidth when needed. Resources are reallocated from other areas of the network until the extra traffic has subsided, at which point resources are then freed up for other sites that require extra capacity.

Load balancers are especially useful for websites that regularly experience fluctuating traffic levels such as:

  • Social networks, where traffic can change based on current affairs and social trends
  • News websites, which experience regular fluctuations during news cycle handovers and sudden breaking stores
  • Technology manufacturer websites, which can become overloaded during product launches