Cloud computing is highly popular today, with the likes of Google, Microsoft and now Amazon taking advantage of their position as global internet powerhouses to leverage their online presence and offer comprehensive cloud solutions.

As well as their hugely popular enterprise Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon also provides a consumer oriented Cloud Drive. This is a cloud storage service aimed at customers who wish to store their data online.

Compatible with a plethora of data types, it can be accessed either through the Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, OSX, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android. With a basic free service providing 5GB of space, the Amazon Cloud Drive is upgradable via monthly subscription.

Customers can store many different types of data on their Cloud Drive, including pictures, audio, video, office documents and Kindle books. They can be stored as backups, while also being available online across all the compatible devices owned by the customer. This means that files can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime.

Access is made easy via mobile apps, a desktop program and an online control panel via a web browser. Users can drag and drop files into the Amazon Cloud Drive folder located on their device or desktop in much the same way as they would move a file between offline folders. The data is then synced automatically to the cloud.