Global travel is a lucrative industry, with new business from the emerging economies of Asia and Latin America helping to drive growth and provide vast potential markets for travel agents, airlines and hotels. The internet has revolutionised the travel industry, allowing companies to provide a shop front to the world that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and providing customers with an easy means for comparing different travel deals across companies to help find the best option for them.

With this growth, however, comes the need for websites to provide throughput for the great deal of traffic that they experience while maintaining a high performance service. This is integral if they are to keep customers from choosing to use one of the vast numbers of rivals that exist in this highly competitive industry.

GlobalDots know exactly how businesses in the travel industry can benefit from the performance and security services they offer thanks to the years of experience they have in providing world class solutions to world class companies. Many of the benefits GlobalDots have helped to deliver include:

  1. Dynamic website acceleration to provide high performance delivery for dynamic content on regularly updated websites. This is vital for hotel and airline sites that regularly update information on their rooms and flights, including location, route, price and availability details. By keeping this information up to date and providing it to end users rapidly, there is less likelihood of losing customers to competitors and more a greater chance of closing sales.
  2. Mobile acceleration for online browsing. By optimising sites for low bandwidth mobile web browsing, businesses in the travel industry are able to provide a channel for customers through the fastest growing means of accessing the internet. Given the ease of mobile browsing, many customers opt to use mobile based internet for day to day browsing. Harnessing this growing segment helps to increase market share and sales.
  3. Cloud load balancing services that provides a means for dynamically distributing requests across the cloud in times of peak traffic, reducing response times and increasing throughput. This is especially useful for peak times such as holiday periods, when businesses in the travel industry can experience large spikes in traffic. Helping businesses to keep on top of demand without a loss of performance in a dynamic and cost effective way, it also means companies no longer need to invest in highly expensive proprietary infrastructure.
  4. Website monitoring services for keeping track of a website’s performance and stability. If for any reason the website experiences an outage, these services can instantly notify the webmaster, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken. In an industry where transactions take place at all hours from around the globe, this is integral for keep customer satisfaction and sales opportunities high.

GlobalDots’ extensive experience in providing the leading travel industry organisations with independent advise about web performance and security services means that they have an unparalleled understanding of the challenges faced in this fast moving and highly competitive market.

Get in touch today and we can provide you with a list of the services that will benefit you most, helping you to grow your business and safeguard profits now and well into the future.