Every year, many new business start-ups emerge, each looking to make their own unique mark on global business. Offering a variety of different products and services, start-ups are often associated with highly scalable and high growth technology ventures. Either way, most of today’s start-ups require a comprehensive online presence, with many requiring bespoke solutions depending on the product they are offering and the market they are entering.

Given the scalable model of start-up ventures and the requirement to grow from a fledgling business into a competitive organisation in a relatively short space of time, the online solutions they use must be equally dynamic to ensure they do not lose potential customers and investors due to poor website performance.

GlobalDots have many years of experience in providing web performance and security services to start-ups and have delivered many industry-specific benefits to some of the world’s most promising new ventures, including:

  1. Content delivery networks for the high performance delivery of static data across the globe from software start-ups creating both traditional standalone and SaaS applications, ensuring their products get to market quickly and efficiently. CDNs also provide the highly scalable infrastructure required for start-ups looking to expand and capture market share rapidly.
  2. Dynamic acceleration services to enable sites such as online stores to boost the delivery performance of dynamic content such as constantly updated inventories. By keeping virtual shop fronts up to date and providing high performance access to them, start-ups can help to forge a reliable reputation early on.
  3. Cloud load balancing to provide a highly scalable infrastructure able to deal with traffic spikes. This proves to be especially useful during new product launches and advertising campaigns during new business development phases.
  4. Mobile acceleration for capturing the ever lucrative mobile internet market. The key for rapid growth is ease of use, and as more people turn to mobile internet to access online products and services, mobile acceleration provides start-ups with low bandwidth mobile network optimisation and access to a wide range of potential customers.
  5. Website monitoring services to give an overview of a start-up’s online presence and providing alerts for any downtime or technical difficulties. This allows rapid action to be taken. When a constant online presence is necessary to provide information to the influx of potential customers and investors that they attract, a start-up’s website must be robust and allow quick and easy remedy when there’s a problem.

GlobalDots have a unique understanding about the needs of start-ups. Having been in the situation ourselves, our expert advisors know exactly what needs to be done to optimise a start-up’s online presence so they can provide high performance and high quality information to their customers and investors.

Get in touch today and we can provide comprehensive unbiased advice to help your venture attract new customers and investors and grow into the next start-up success story.