Personal communications have played a key role in the development of the internet and World Wide Web since its earliest beginnings. From the first email to modern video conferencing, a wide range of communications technology has been developed to allow people to keep in touch wherever they are in the world. While these have benefitted mainly businesses, a new form of communications emerged during the 20th century in the form of social networking.

With millions of subscribers to social networks sharing their thoughts and lives around the world, a great deal of information is being created daily. While this has revolutionised modern communications, it also has implications for global networks.

Social networks must be able to cope with thousands of images and lines of text being uploaded every day. As this puts a strain on their bandwidth, these networks have increasingly been turning to online acceleration technologies to help deliver. The benefits they can achieve come in many forms:

  1. The lower latencies and higher bandwidths available through dynamic website acceleration allow videos and images to be uploaded and viewed with ease.
  2. Many acceleration services, especially CDNs, provide assurances for close to 100% uptime, backed up by a service level agreement. This enables users to always have access to their social network, while also allowing social network owners to have a constant open channel to their users.
  3. The detailed analytics solutions offered by many providers allow social network owners to gather a large amount of demographic information about their users, which in turn can be used for advertising purposes.

These benefits can help social network owners in many ways. By providing users with a high performance and robust network, they are more like to be repeat users and to recommend the service to their friends. As many social networks are advertisement funded, the more users accessing the service, the more advertising revenue potential the network has. When used in conjunction with in-depth analytics data, adverts can be highly targeted to individuals, allow advertising real estate to be sold at a premium.

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