The open dissemination of information has long been one of the most important purposes for the internet. Every major newspaper, journal, magazine and television network has an online presence to supplement their physical products and people are increasingly turning to the internet for their news and literary needs. News is one of the most dynamic types of content available on the internet.

Always changing, news outlets must constantly be updating their content to reflect the current state of affairs. As such, these types of website experience a great amount of both upload and download traffic. Acceleration technologies can help to provide news outlets with the bandwidth required for the regular maintenance and high visitor rates that they experience daily in the following ways:

  1. Through the use of dynamic website acceleration, news updates can be delivered and consumed quickly.
  2. Streaming services can provide high performance high definition live streams for both rolling news reports and live TV broadcasting.
  3. Load balancing technologies can help to mitigate problems caused by increased traffic at peak news hours, such as before and after working hours and during news cycle handovers.
  4. Analytics tools can determine which articles most interest certain viewers, allowing the experience to be personalised. Furthermore, advertising decisions can also benefit from the demographic information that is gathered.
  5. Mobile acceleration technologies can be implemented to help consumers get all the information they need on the go.

As many news sites and portals are funded by advertisements, the use of analytics tools is a key method for ensuring that news websites can provide advertisers with an in-depth understanding of their demographic while continuing to provide high quality content. Furthermore, with more people accessing content on the go via mobile devices, mobile acceleration can help provide high performance websites that consumers continue visiting, thus improving advertising revenue.

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