Much has been made of the effect the rise in internet use has had on the way we do business and connect with one another. However the online revolution is not limited to these uses. Computers have long been used for gaming, from the first PCs to modern gaming consoles. With computer gaming becoming ever more popular amongst a broad demographic thanks to casual gaming titles, developers and manufacturers have embraced the internet as a means of delivering gaming content and experiences in an innovative way.

Games have become highly social over the past decade. This has been driven in large part by gamers’ use of the internet to communicate, cooperate and compete. Massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) have been enjoying continued success since the mid-2000s, and console based first person shooters (FPS) continue to set sales records.

This popularity, however, has created a burden on network resources and can lead to bottlenecks during gaming. A gamer’s worst nightmare is network lag, which is causing by bottlenecks and low latency. Without adequate acceleration technologies, games titles could experience drops in popularity, which in turn would lead to a fall in revenue for games manufacturers and publishers.

Acceleration technologies can remedy many of these issues and provide specific benefits to gamers and manufacturers:

  1. Lower latency reduces lag and improves gaming performance. This leads to an improvement in brand and game loyalty.
  2. Fast content delivery networks can allow users to download digital copies of game quickly. This increases the likelihood of more games being purchased thanks to the ease of this method of delivery, while also enabling game updates to be delivery quickly.
  3. Load balancing technologies allows gaming networks to cope with periods of increased traffic by seamlessly increasing bandwidth.
  4. Analytics tools can be used to inform future decisions for new games and updates.

These benefits all work towards providing the best possible experience for gamers. This will help to increase their loyalty to the game and brand, securing future revenue and reputation development in this highly competitive industry.

GlobalDots have an extensive range of gaming acceleration services available through their preferred providers. With in-depth knowledge regarding their respective benefits, we can help ensure you select the right provider for your game delivery and network acceleration needs.