Banking has long been a global business, and the rise of the internet has enabled transactions to take place with ease at any point on the globe and any point of time. However, with the number of transactions being made increasing at an exponential rate, financial service providers have many challenges that need to be remedied to keep up with the global demand for online financial services.

Given the nature of the financial services industry, it is important for transactions to be conducted swiftly. This is because constantly fluctuating exchange rates can affect margins if transactions are not made on time.

Furthermore, it is even more important that transactions are conducted securely to eliminate the possibility of personal data such as bank details being stolen by online criminals and also to eliminate the chances of financial transactions being intercepted and rerouted to different accounts. Website acceleration and security services provide many highly effective solutions to these problems:

  1. High performance networks allow high speed and low latency trading to be conducted, while also allowing market data to be accessed with better performance.
  2. Secure virtual private networks can be created for the transfer of delicate information between offices across the globe.
  3. The use of protocols such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol also ensures that any sensitive data is correctly encrypted during delivery.
  4. High performance networks provide an immersive and seamless online banking experience for retail customers.
  5. The global reach of network acceleration services allows financial services organisations to expand their global presence and reach into new markets.
  6. DDoS mitigation can reduce downtime from malicious attacks and help ensure the ongoing integrity of the network, thus reducing the risk of lost revenue.

In industries where split second decisions can have a large effect on revenues and costs, modern acceleration and security technologies ensure that sales and trades are never missed and that customers and shareholders are always kept happy. Furthermore, it helps to provide the organisation with up to the minute information on stock markets to further help support informed decision making. By embracing these technologies, financial service providers can continue to provide world class products in a highly secure manner and with the speed required to make split second decisions.

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