As modern businesses become ever more globalised, reaching into new markets and gaining market share across continents, the need for each base to keep in contact with each other quickly and efficiently increases. The internet has revolutionised this communication and has allowed business to perform at their best no matter where in the world they are located.

Enterprise content and website acceleration technologies have helped many businesses realise their goal of expanding globally. They enable all offices, regardless of their location, to keep in touch and access information about market trends. They do this in a number of ways:

  1. Enterprise content delivery networks (ECDNs) allows data such as training videos to be delivered straight to the desktop of all employees swiftly and efficiently.
  2. Content is securely encrypted and delivered via virtual private networks, ensuring that sensitive business data in not intercepted by others. Furthermore, employee authentication can be added to ensure only your workers see what is being delivered.
  3. The network can be managed easily, usually through online control panels. This allows new content to be uploaded to the network with ease, while also allowing access controls to be added to each file.
  4. Remote client software management features can also be utilised to enable network management access across the globe.
  5. Business analytics tools can also be implemented to monitor how the network is used. This is especially useful for client portals that exist on the network.

By utilising enterprise content delivery networks, businesses can improve their efficiency as time is not wasted through the global delivery of important documents and training tutorials. Head offices can ensure that their information is distributed on time and on budget all across the globe and enable their satellite offices to be prepared for any business related task. Furthermore, ECDNs are highly scalable and can grow with the company, making sure that the businesses are always ready to operate with the highest performance possible. These behind the scenes factors all contribute to providing customers with the best possible service and at the lowest cost.

GlobalDots work with businesses from all around the globe and in a diverse range of industries. We know the issues that matter to big business, and can help identify where you need access to web acceleration technologies. Get in touch today and we will provide you with unbiased advice as to which ECDN vendors are the best for you unique needs.