As the internet becomes more complex, many services that have traditionally only been available offline can now be accessed via the web. One such activity is online shopping and other financial based activities. The popularity of online shopping has been increasing steadily in recent years, with many users opting to buy over the internet instead of heading to their local high street.

While this provides consumers with greater choice and flexibility, it also comes with some costs, most notably security and performance issues. As the growth of ecommerce and online shopping shows no signs of abating, businesses must find ways to keep up with this demand.

Modern website acceleration, monitoring and security technology exists to solve many of the issues faced by online stores and they provide several benefits:

  1. Improved performance allows several people to browse stores and make purchases at once without slowdown.
  2. Dynamic website acceleration allows for the fast delivery of constantly changing content such as stock levels and new product information.
  3. Shopping cart acceleration ensures that customers aren’t left waiting at the final hurdle. With many users abandoning shopping carts if loads times are too slow, this can help boost sales and limit lost opportunities.
  4. Streaming technologies can be used to provide rich advertising and promotional media to website visitors.
  5. Stores, warehouses and head offices can be connected via high speed networks to ensure that all stock levels are kept up to date and new product information can be disseminated quickly.
  6. Analytics information can be used to inform future product decisions.

By utilising acceleration technologies in these ways, ecommerce businesses can ensure that customers have a hassle free experience when purchasing items online. This will reflect well on the brand and encourage customers to visit regularly.

We have prepared an ecommerce speed vs revenue calculator which can give you a rough overview of how much extra revenue you can expect by speeding up your website.

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