The internet has long been a free and open space, providing many services and information portals to people around the globe free of charge. These services have usually been funded through the use of on screen advertising, displayed amongst the content of the website and paying for their place via a pay per click payment scheme.

As computer systems become more powerful, there is a greater scope for provide rich and immersive multimedia-based advertisements to website viewers. Adverts are increasingly making use of high definition videos and interactive flash games to entice potential customers into clicking on them to find out more about the product being sold and therefore improving conversion rates.

While this can encourage advertisers to produce more adverts, and therefore further fund free websites, it does come with a downside. Rich and immersive adverts usually have a greater file size when compared to traditional adverts that consisted of simple images or GIF animations. This means that they can slow down the loading speed of a website if there is not enough bandwidth to cope with the amount of data being sent to the end user. The result of this is a poor user experience and the possibility of lost revenue through users dropping out and refusing to wait for websites to load. Added to this is the likelihood that users will not revisit a website that has a reputation for poor performance.

This is where a CDN, dynamic acceleration or live streaming package could help. When deployed, advertisers and web page owners can enjoy several benefits:

  1. The increased bandwidths of CDNs and dynamic acceleration services allow adverts to be displayed alongside website content without slowdown.
  2. Extra bandwidth and the global nature of acceleration technologies allows advertiser to deploy their adverts across the globe with a high level of performance everywhere.
  3. Streaming technologies can provide high definition video advertisements with ease.
  4. Advanced analytics tools are available from many providers, allowing advertisers and website owners to gather a large amount of demographic information, as well as data on shopping habits and personal preferences.

As well as providing a better experience for the end user and encouraging them to visit the site more often, these services can also provide a means for informing future advertising decisions. The information gathered by the analytics tools available through many acceleration services can be used to target adverts to specific demographics and markets. By allowing individual users to see adverts for products they are more likely to notice, they will be more likely to click through and provide the hosting website with the funding they need to continue operating, as well as proving the advertiser with a potential sale.

GlobalDots can help both advertisers and website owners get the most out of their advertising platform.

Please get in touch and we can advise you as to which acceleration service provider is the most appropriate for your advertising needs and help you unlock your conversion rate and revenue potential.