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Waste Management

Utilize Innovation to Control Waste

Gain control over your cloud bills with our tested and proven waste management innovative solution. Easily adopt to optimize your resources, manage your multi-cloud and Kubernetes spend in real time, reduce your waste and correlate your spend with your business goals.

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    Control on your cloud spent
    Control on your cloud spent

How does it work?

Integrated Business Monitoring Integrated Business Monitoring

Gain valuable insights into the unit economics of your SaaS customers, features, engineering teams, and more by monitoring your cloud metrics alongside revenue and business metrics. Our Waste Management FinOps solution empowers FinOps practitioners to continuously optimize their cloud investments, enabling them to strategically drive business initiatives.

Integrated Business Monitoring
Visibility Report Visibility Report

Experience the seamless integration of your cloud spend with our Waste Management FinOps solution. Monitor and optimize your cloud costs and resource utilization across leading platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure. Dive deep into your data to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your infrastructure and economies are evolving.

Visibility Report
Optimized Kubernetes Costs Optimized Kubernetes Costs

Gain granular visibility into your Kubernetes costs and seamlessly integrate them with your non-containerized costs and business metrics. Get an accurate view of the expenses associated with running microservices, features, and more. Dive deep into performance analysis, identify under-utilization at the node level, and eliminate idle costs for maximum efficiency.

Optimized Kubernetes Costs
From Detection to Action From Detection to Action

Empower your engineers with the ability to eliminate unpredictable spending through continuous monitoring and deep visibility. Our solution automatically learns service usage patterns and alerts relevant teams to irregular cloud spend and usage anomalies. With comprehensive context provided, it ensures the fastest time to resolution for effective cost optimization.

From Detection to Action

Stay Cloud-to-Date

The world of cloud changes quickly.
Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, extensively explored in our resource library.

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    While cloud-computing supports immense innovation – providing limitless resources in the pursuit of greater output and agility – public cloud end-user spending is projected to reach a staggering $600 billion this year. Hyperscale cloud vendors remain driving forces behind this growth, having proven their salt as highly strategic launchpads for digital transformation. The competition for […]

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    In an era where more observability vendors are offering tracing ingestion and visualization as part of their services, GlobalDots stands out by providing a set of data optimization features that significantly reduce costs, maximize insights, and create a scalable tracing strategy​. The Need for Cost-Effective Tracing Tracing is designed to track every single interaction within […]

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    FinOps is a strategic framework designed to manage and optimize cloud costs effectively. It’s a transformative approach that brings financial accountability to the forefront of the variable spend model of cloud computing. This model allows businesses to gain a firm grip on their cloud expenses, ensuring that every dollar spent is accounted for and utilized […]

  • Cloud Cost Optimization AWS Data Transfer Cost Optimization: Everything You Need to Know

    While AWS services provide a wealth of mission-critical services – storing over 2.2 trillion objects in S3 – many organizations are left floundering in the solution’s complex pricing structures. Spanning transfer types and geographies, data transfer costs can be hugely unpredictable and rapidly get out of hand.  Below, we leverage decades of industry experience to […]

  • Cloud Cost Optimization On-Demand Webinar: FinOps 2023 – Maximize Savings, Accelerate Growth

    A spiraling cost problem has emerged among organizations as cloud usage has grown rapidly, coupled with the economic downturn. Join GlobalDots expert engineers in this insightful webinar that unveils the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the realm of FinOps and cloud cost optimization. Discover the key industry trends and best practices that can help […]

  • DevOps as a Service On-Demand Webinar: Securing Content on AWS with Okta

    Not implementing OpenID Connect properly in AWS can lead to various consequences, including security breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and compromised user data. However, these risks can be avoided when OpenID Connect is configured carefully, as it is designed to provide a secure and seamless way to authenticate users and control access to protected […]

  • Cloud Cost Optimization Real-Life Use Case: Automated K8s Optimization Cuts 91% of FinTech Firm’s Cloud Costs

    Containers are the foundation of today’s hyper-agile DevOps landscape. Developers can enjoy the reliability of a single environment to run code, with no unexpected hiccups or changes between testing and production. Segmented applications benefit from faster and more efficient delivery, as each functionality evolves via its own isolated lifecycle. As powerful as the foundation that […]

  • Cloud Cost Optimization As Flightright Enforces Flight Delay Compensation, GlobalDots Cuts Cloud Inefficiency

    Over 10 years ago, Flightright’s founder found himself stuck in an airport. Thus began the decade-long campaign to tackle the lack of customer representation for flight cancellations.

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    Are you struggling to effectively test your Terraform infrastructure code? Even the best plans can fail, resulting in half-formed infrastructure that can have serious consequences for your business, such as lost revenue or damage to your reputation due to downtime, security vulnerabilities, operational inefficiencies, and difficulties scaling. In this webinar, we will introduce an innovative […]

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    The cost optimization of AWS cloud infrastructure is a pivotal consideration for organizations operating in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving IT landscape. Without proper governance and cost allocation strategies, the utilization of cloud resources can result in substantial monetary losses and suboptimal resource utilization. Our new eBook, DevOps Checklist for Cost Optimization, aimed at providing organizations with […]

  • Monitoring, Logging & Observability Streamline Your Alert Management with Groupings

    Alerting is crucial for avoiding outages, not just responding to them. That’s why GlobalDots recently added to its portfolio an innovation that revolutionizes the way alerts are processed, enabling teams to achieve their goals proactively and resolve issues quickly. Handling alerts on a large scale can be difficult, especially when dealing with hundreds or even […]

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) It’s time to unleash the power of the force!

    There’s a galactic misconception that monitoring CDNs has no value and is too expensive to store and index. While that used to be true, it’s now the worst mistake an IT-jedi can make!  GlobalDots, a 20-year CDN expert, teamed with observability innovator Coralogix, to develop a next generation observability platform for monitoring Content Delivery Networks’ […]

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