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Customer Identity & Privacy Management (CIPM)

Create Secure, Seamless Customer Experiences Across Your Services.

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What Makes an Effective CIAM Solution

Social Authentication

Allow users to sign in to your apps and portals with login information from social networking services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Centralized Directory

Consolidate user identity management onto a centralized directory across business units and multiple geographies around the world, leaving behind the complexity and high-cost of managing multiple disparate identity management solutions.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Link any set of applications with one username, one password, and one session to allow seamless UX for your users, utilizing readymade integrations with CRM apps like Salesforce, Zendesk and more.

Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Instead of bothering all users all the time, apply risk detection based on user location, time of day or device. Build extra protection into your products with a range of modern verification factors, letting the system flex according to different users' needs.

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Move Beyond Passwords

IAM is the first and foremost gatekeeper of today’s working environments – one place to manage passwords and permissions to reduce both UX friction and potential breach damage. Its 3 pillars are identification, authentication, and authorization, which together make up the access journey. Therefore, no wonder that 70% of security leaders identify IAM as essential for a Zero Trust strategy. However, some axioms which shaped “mainstream” IAM are quickly running out of date. In this eBook, we invite you to rethink the very core of the entire concept of user identity: The password.

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Your Benefits

Frictionless UX

Frictionless UX

Give end-users a seamless, secure app experience across devices using CIAM capabilities like SSO, MFA and social login, while you build personalized experiences according to each end-user’s data to get the most out of each visit.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Collecting omnichannel user information into a centralized management system eases the managing of access and credentials of end-users across devices, websites and mobile apps while staying compliant according to security standards.



Allow developers to focus on creating business value by releasing more functionality and capabilities to production faster, by offloading CIAM in the trusted hands of an up-to-date solution.

Developer-Friendly Security

Developer-Friendly Security

Developers can flexibly apply smart identity protection when building an app, integrating multiple apps, looking to add account takeover protection, and building new platforms.

Yes, one of the main advantages of working with GlobalDots is that we have relationships with multiple vendors per solution category, so our customers can switch between vendors if they would like to. Moreover, we will proactively offer better vendors if we see the value for the customers in terms of features, capabilities or price.

The people working at GlobalDots live and breath technology. We have relationships with all the cool startups and always seeking new vendors with innovative tech to offer to our customer base. We research and explore emerging technologies on a weekly and daily basis, we filter out the noise and focus only on the promising solutions we vetted that will bring the most value to our customers.

Our solutions architects, engineers and DevOps experts have hands-on experience with the solutions we resell and integrate. Our engineers work with you to resolve any issue to your satisfaction, and never leave you hanging. If needed, we’ll be the ones to engage directly with the vendor, so you don’t have to.


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