API Protection Best Practices

February 11, 2019 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

API protection best practices

API usage in application development has become a standard. APIs are a critical aspect of business delivery in the digital world – they connect mobile applications, the Internet of Things, and provide the structure that links internal business processes. Considering the pervasiveness and importance of APIs, it’s obvious that we should secure them– after all, […]

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How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

January 10, 2019 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic


Phishing is a method employed by cyber-criminals to access email accounts and systems using deception rather than defeating security protections. In basic phishing attacks, cyber-criminals send an email that appears to be legal, tempting the victim to open an attachment or click on a link. This click could result in loading malware onto the victim’s […]

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Modern Web Security Basics

November 23, 2018 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

web security basics

Today’s digital, hyper-connected world has enhanced our lives, both personally and professionally. The internet, mobile devices, cloud computing, social networks and a dozen of other things enable us to be connected to each other all the time. They also allow us to work remotely, and to conduct our entire business online (for example, e-commerce stores). […]

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How Bad Bots Hurt Your Website and What You Can Do To Protect It

November 9, 2018 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

In the last few years, the term “bot” has become widey used. Everyone is talking about bots. We hear it used in politics, on social media, and when discussing website traffic. Bad bots are an all-too-common and growing problem. But what specific damage are they doing on your website? And how does it impact your […]

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Cloud Attack Vectors and Counter Measures

October 5, 2018 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

Cloud computing technology provides organizations with a shared pool of computing resources over the internet, with low costs and guaranteed availability. While using cloud technology offers many advantages compared to on-prem models (scalability, control, cost reduction etc.), it’s important to realize that cloud environments are vulnerable to both inside and outside attacks. To protect the […]

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5 Website Security Myths to Avoid

September 14, 2018 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

website security myths

The evolution of Internet has changed the way we live. Everything has become digitized – from our work, banking, personal communication, grocery shopping, and even our homes. This omnipresent digitization offers a myriad of opportunities for malicious actors to steal data for personal profit, or inflict damage in other ways by subverting the technology to […]

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Cloud WAF: Overview and Benefits

August 2, 2018 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

cloud waf

Enterprises face daily cyber-threats which can cause revenue loss and damage to their reputation. To protect themselves against malicious actors, they employ various cyber-security measures, one of which is web application firewall (WAF). The area of Web Application security is a growing concern for enterprise organizations. Half of all attacks are directed at web applications […]

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Website Security Basics

July 26, 2018 Published in: Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

website security

Websites present a lucrative opportunity for hackers. Business websites which deal with money and sensitive information are especially at risk of cyber-attacks. Malicious actors can use a myriad of attack options to steal sensitive corporate data, trick end users into revealing personal information, or simply temporary disable a website. Even a small-scale attack which does […]

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Is Data Safe in the Cloud?

June 28, 2018 Published in: Cloud,Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

data safe cloud

Cloud storage enables companies to store their data in third-party data centers through a cloud provider. Organizations are rapidly adopting the cloud, but there’s a concern: is data safe in the cloud? The issues regarding cloud security are somewhat complex, but they fall into two broad categories: Security issues faced by cloud providers (organizations providing […]

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Cloud Security Challenges

June 14, 2018 Published in: Cloud,Security Author: Vedran Bozicevic

cloud security

Cloud computing opens up a myriad of opportunities for businesses, but it also presents some unique security challenges to address. In this article we’ll take a look at cloud security challenges and how companies can overcome them efficiently. Moving your business to the cloud offers a range of benefits for enterprises, both large and small […]

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