The Advantages of Using Cloud-Based DNS in Modern Business

August 31, 2018 Published in: DNS Author: Vedran Bozicevic

cloud-based dns

Domain Name System (DNS) is critical to the performance and reliability of your internet applications and cloud services. A cloud-based DNS can deliver even better results than regular DNS infrastructure. DNS is mission-critical to all organizations that rely on the Internet for conducting business. DNS failure or poor performance leads to applications, data and content […]

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Recursive DNS Security Gaps And How To Address Them

November 23, 2017 Published in: DNS,Security Author: Luka Labrovic

The internet is a very complicated place consisted of millions of servers containing millions upon millions of websites and data. Each of these servers has their name – and that name is their IP address. Without IP addresses there wouldn’t be a way to identify which server you need to access in order to get […]

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Microsoft Acquires Yet Another Cloud-based Startup, Cloudflare Reports Cunning 100 Gbps DDoS and More in This Week’s News

July 6, 2017 Published in: Cloud,DNS,Internet,News,Security Author: Luka Labrovic

Microsoft Acquires Cloud Billing Startup Cloudyn Last week Microsoft finalized the acquisition of Cloudyn for an undisclosed fee somewhere between $50 mil and $70 mil. The new arrival in the Microsoft family is probably going to be used to handle cloud cost management services. The cloud billing startup enables users to handle and manage their […]

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Rethink Your DNS Strategy with Multi-DNS

January 27, 2017 Published in: CDN,DNS,Domains,Internet,Security Author: Goran Čandrlić

There was a lot of discussion about DNS security issues in the last few months. It’s largely due to the massive DNS based DDoS attack that shook the US in October, but also because of Oracle’s recent acquisition of Dyn, the biggest worldwide DNS service provider. Taking in consideration the way the DDoS attack was executed as […]

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Mirai Botnet vs Dyn – The Attack that Brought Down Half of US Internet

October 27, 2016 Published in: Cloud,DNS,Internet,Security Author: Goran Čandrlić

One of the fastest growing segments in the IT world is definitely the DDoS sector. As we mentioned in a recent article (The DDoS of The Year!), in 2016 we witnessed a huge rise in number of infected devices as well as the sheer amount of traffic they generate as a botnet. And numbers don’t […]

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The DDoS of The Year!

October 18, 2016 Published in: DNS,Internet,News,Security,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Ithai Lahat

If you are looking for a rapidly growing segment of the IT world, then DDoS attacks is the place to find exponential growth. There are many reports by many companies in the field of DDoS protection, and the numbers vary in some cases. But the trend is more than clear. According to the Verisign DDoS […]

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What You Need to Know About Anycast Routing

October 3, 2016 Published in: CDN,DNS,Internet,Security Author: Goran Čandrlić

When talking about server routing, streaming and CDNs, the expression anycast is one you frequently bump into. It’s one of those words you already know but can’t explain what it stands for and how it works exactly. To put it simple, it’s a networking technique where the same IP address is attributed to multiple locations […]

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How and why is DNS critical for any web business

March 21, 2016 Published in: DNS,Internet Author: Goran Čandrlić

The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to resolve  human-readable hostnames into machine-readable IP addresses. It also provides other useful info about domain names, such as mail services. Image Source In other words, DNS is like a phonebook of the Internet. If you know a person’s name but don’t know their telephone number, you can […]

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Xerocole Acquired By Akamai, Limelight in the spotlight and more news

March 16, 2015 Published in: CDN,DNS,Internet Author: Goran Čandrlić

Xerocole Acquired By Akamai In A Cash Transactio Akamai Technologies, the global provider of CDN, announced that it had acquired Xerocole, a provider of recursive DNS functionality. Xerocole’s intelligent recursicve DNS technology enables carriers to not only have more speed and security of mapping domain names to IP addresses, but also allows flexibility to set […]

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High Latency vs Low Bandwidth – Impact on Web Performance

January 26, 2015 Published in: CDN,DNS Author: Goran Čandrlić

When it comes to running a fully functional website there are certain Yes’ and No’s. One of the major No’s are certainly Low Bandwidth and High Latency. But which one is more fatal and crippling for your site? Let’s start by explaining what High Latency and Low Bandwidth actually mean and how do they affect […]

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