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Verizon Launches New OpenStack NFV Deployment, Level 3 Expands Enterprise Communications Solution And More In This Weeks News

Verizon launches new OpenStack NFV deployment

Verizon, the provider of broadband and telecommunications services, has completed it's latest offering - the Network Function Virtualization OpenStack cloud deployment across five of its U.S. data centers. The NFV project, which began in 2015, created a production design based on a core and pod architecture that provides the hyperscale capabilities and flexibility necessary to meet the company’s complex network requirements. Verizon worked with Big Switch Networks, Dell and Red Hat to develop the OpenStack pod-based design that went from concept to deployment of more than 50 racks in five production data centers in less than nine months. To validate the resiliency of the NFV pod design at scale, the collaborators constructed and tested large scale test beds mirroring the production design, leveraging the open source community to ultimately deliver a high quality, validated NFV pod architecture. This solution features: Resilience at Scale, Integrated Security and Visibility, Reduced Operational Complexity, Logical Network Design Flexibility and has no Bandwidth Bottlenecks.


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Read more at: Verizon

Level 3 Expands Enterprise Communications Solution

Level 3 Communications, the provider of telecommunications, CDN and other Internet services, has announced the expansion of it's Voice Complete enterprise communications solution to select countries in Western Europe. Voice Complete is a global communications solution that leverages Level 3's expansive, purpose-built IP network to provide Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking and native PRI-ISDN (Primary Rate Interface-Integrated Services Digital Network). The solution supports hybrid customer environments and gives customers the ability to transition old equipment to an IP-based voice solution. With this expansion, Voice Complete customers can use one solution to connect with their sites in Western Europe, reducing operational complexity, and achieve greater efficiencies by using shared calling resources between locations. Also, the solution delivers emergency services, built-in failover protection and single vendor management.

More details at: Level 3 Investors

Akamai Solutions To Support Nintendo’s Foray Into Mobile Gaming

Akamai, the global provider of content delivery network (CDN) services announced that Nintendo Co., Ltd. has adopted Akamai Media Delivery Solutions to help deliver mobile games to their customers around the world. To support the company’s expansion into mobile gaming, Nintendo chose Akamai Media Delivery Solutions to help deliver content seamlessly to a global audience. With plans to roll out a few mobile games by March 2017, Nintendo and DeNA decided to utilize Akamai’s solutions and CDN, as Akamai would be able to scale when required. With Akamai’s extensive global network spanning across continents, it would be a positive step for Nintendo to utilize the Akamai CDN to expand its new business internationally. Akamai Media Delivery Solutions make it possible to deliver high-quality media on a large scale, while simplifying workflow. Both parties have stated that they're satisfied over the business collaboration and are enthusiastic for the coming events.

Full story at: Akamai

TV2 Norway Selects Hibernia Networks as Exclusive Transport Provider for 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro

Hibernia Networks, the provider of global, high speed telecommunications solutions, announced that it's been selected by TV2 Norway, the commercial television network in Norway, to provide fully-managed video transport of the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro.  As the exclusive video transport provider of the games for TV2 Norway, Hibernia Networks’ managed video solution will deliver crystal clear, highdefinition programming of all sporting events including TV2 Norway studio and on-site reporting footage from Rio de Janeiro to viewers in Norway. The unique, end-to-end managed video transport solution incorporates 23 JPEG2000 streams and IP feeds between the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in Rio de Janeiro and TV2 Norway’s studio in Bergen, Norway. The content is being carried on a primary path with complete redundancy. Additionally, Hibernia Networks has installed hot-standby video equipment along the full network route to ensure 100% uptime.

More details at: HiberniaNetworks

Hibernia Networks' Broadcast Cloud Solutions enable 4K UHD for video contribution to North America, Europe and Asia

Hibernia Networks, a provider of global, high speed telecommunications solutions, announces its global fiber optic network supports the transmission of J2K-enabled 4K video for ultra high-definition. The capability is enabled by the latest codec technology, which is deployed to the customer site and managed by Hibernia Networks. The technology allows transmission of 4K UHD video to and from North America, Europe and Asia. Hibernia Networks’ fully managed video transport solutions ensure the delivery of highest quality content to viewers within and between continents across the globe. Leveraging Hibernia Networks’ global fiber optic infrastructure, including the lowest latency transatlantic connection on Hibernia Express, studios creating content are able to achieve real-time content distribution for end-user viewing. Since the latest generation ultra high-definition image quality and global distribution of live entertainment and sporting events are driving new demands for international video transport, this marks the further expansion of 4K UHD to on video delivery market.

Full report at: HiberniaNetworks

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