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Website Performance Factors You Should Monitor and Optimize

August 9, 2018 Published in: Website, Website performance, Website Speed, Website speed, Business, Cloud Computing, internet, IP address , Author: Vedran Bozicevic

Your website is the face of your business. It’s a crucial business asset through which potential customers learn more about your brand and make buying decisions. Since modern customers have a myriad of options, it’s important to provide them with the best possible user experience on your website to[...]

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Google's Web Performance Best Practices #3: Minimize Request Overhead

October 23, 2013 Published in: Uniform resource locator, PageSpeed, Performance, Website Speed, Website speed, Cookie, Google, HTTP cookie, HTTP Secure, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, List of HTTP header fields , Author: Goran Čandrlić

Minimizing request overhead for each page to load simply means two things: keeping cookies and request headers as small as possible, and serving static resources from a cookieless domain. In a nutshell, a cookie diet to avoid net congestion.

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The History of Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

December 21, 2012 Published in: Performance, Website speed, CDN, Cdn, Content delivery network , Author: Goran Čandrlić

Although Content Delivery Network (CDN) is to reveal all of its true power in the future decades, an insight into how it came to be is quite useful. CDNs are surrogate web servers distributed across different data centers in different geographical regions to deliver content to end-users, based on[...]

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10 Reasons to Speed Up Your Website

December 17, 2012 Published in: Website Speed, Website speed, website speed tools, Cdn , Author: Goran Čandrlić

You can not afford a slow site. It would be like pulling dark shutters up and down on your beautiful shop window. You could count on netizens to come back again to check, except - they won't. They will abandon your webpage in the wink of an eye, and this is why - each wink, each millisecond counts.[...]

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How Website Speed Affects Conversion Rates

December 14, 2012 Published in: Page Speed, Website Speed, Website speed, Content delivery network, conversion rate , Author: Goran Čandrlić

Are you running an e-commerce on the web? The first rule of e-commerce says that if the customer cannot find your product/service, he cannot buy it. The number of web shoppers in US alone in 2011 was said to be 178,5 million and is to reach 200 million by 2015 (source: eMarketer) which will equal[...]

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Which Website Speed Tools Should You Use?

November 22, 2012 Published in: Tools, Website performance, Website Speed, Website speed , Author: Goran Čandrlić

So far, we have discussed the impact of your page load time on just about anything, and the impact of your page load time on your conversion rate. The improvement of your loading speed is a pressing issue to discuss with your team, especially if you are into any kind of e-commerce business: web[...]

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