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Quick Tips for High Performance Images

August 10, 2015 Published in: 500px, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator Artwork, Adobe InDesign, Page Speed, Vector graphics, Website Speed, Cascading Style Sheets, CDN, Google, Image compression, Internet, JavaScript , Author: Goran Čandrlić

Images are web's most precious resource. They simply dominate the internet in terms of info and aesthetics, and are simply invaluble to web based business, or any website on that matter. That's why the deliverence of high performance images must be one of your top priorities when it comes to[...]

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Website Speed Influences Your SEO Ranking

January 11, 2013 Published in: Avinash Kaushik, Page Speed, Search engine optimization, SEOmoz, Web search engine, Website Speed, Google, Google Analytics, Matt Cutts , Author: Goran Čandrlić

It was suspected for a long time, but when Google confirmed that website speed is one of many factors that influences their ranking algorithms, business owners should have no doubt wheter to increase their website speed. To quote Google (and their excellent page about philosophy):

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How Website Speed Affects Conversion Rates

December 14, 2012 Published in: Page Speed, Website Speed, Website speed, Content delivery network, conversion rate , Author: Goran Čandrlić

Are you running an e-commerce on the web? The first rule of e-commerce says that if the customer cannot find your product/service, he cannot buy it. The number of web shoppers in US alone in 2011 was said to be 178,5 million and is to reach 200 million by 2015 (source: eMarketer) which will equal[...]

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