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Last Week in Performance Industry - September #1 Edition

Cloud Industry: Keen on Blocking Government Snoops

"Google is racing to encrypt the torrents of information that flow among its data centers around the world in a bid to thwart snooping by the NSA and the intelligence agencies of foreign governments, company officials said Friday," according to Washington post. “It’s an arms race,” said Eric Grosse, vice president for security engineering at Google, based in Mountain View, Calif. “We see these government agencies as among the most skilled players in this game.”

David Linthicum comments in his review that same as Google, more cloud providers will try in offering better secured cloud platforms against governmental snooping. He mentions Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and predicts more encryption and security services. "Indeed, this could spawn another wave of innovation, with startups focused on keeping your data away from the government, more so than away from hackers," he concludes.

Read the Washington post article here and Linthicum's review here.


TechTarget’s Top 11 Cloud Computing Industry Movers and Shapers

Cloud Technology Partners, the leader in transforming enterprises through cloud solutions, announced their list of Eleven Cloud Computing Industry Movers and Shapers. The listing presents the people who SearchCloudComputing has identified as standing out as the industry’s top cloud leaders and innovators. "This year has been an exciting time for the cloud computing industry, with many acquisitions, pricing cuts and product releases from various cloud providers," they explain. "However, in all of this commotion, a handful of people have stood out as cloud leaders and innovators.

Whether they are leading their company to success in the cloud services market, challenging the status quo of the industry, or implementing cloud services in interesting ways within their own companies, these people are influencing the direction of IT -- and other IT pros and companies are paying attention."

They list:

  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware
  • Adrian Cockcroft, director of architecture, cloud systems at Netflix
  • George Reese, executive director of Dell Enstratius
  • Nathan Day, chief scientist at SoftLayer Technologies
  • David Linthicum, senior vice president of Cloud Technology Partners
  • John Considine, CTO at Verizon Terremark
  • Saran Mandair, senior director of platform engineering at PayPal
  • Jim Curry, SVP of private cloud at Rackspace and OpenStack founder
  • Werner Vogels, CTO and VP of Amazon Web Services
  • Paul Maritz, CEO of the Pivotal Initiative
  • ...and Padmasree Warrior, chief technology and strategy officer at Cisco

…as top influential people in this ever-growing cloud industry.

Find out more here.


Costs of Data Center Outages: Infographic

A minute of outage can cost a company millions of dollars. For example, "when Amazon.com went dark for approximately 49 minutes in January of 2013, it cost the company an estimated $4 million or more in lost sales. Another outage in August of the same year lasted only 30 minutes, but still cost the Internet giant an estimated $66,240 in lost revenue every single minute," they explain at VMblog and present an infographic that depicts the cost of data centers outages across the globe. To highlight but a few, $69 trillion would be lost per hour if every data center in the world went down at the same time.


Interested? Find the full infographic here.


Startup CEOs: What to Look For in a SaaS Provider?

Cloud Tweaks bring six components that startup CEOs should consider while shopping for a Software as a Service provider as:

  • the importance of a provider to install the software quickly and efficiently
  • your provider should be able to mold their software according to your business requirements to enhance workflow and compliance
  • the application must have usable features
  • SaaS providers should have several applications that work with one another so your business operations will run efficiently
  • it’s crucial that the software supports a secure cloud infrastructure so that you can avoid potential security threats and data breaches
  • the provider must have longevity

Find these and more useful tips at Cloud Tweaks.


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