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Last Week in Performance Industry - November #1 Edition

Welcome Amazon WorkSpaces Desktop as a Service

Amazon web services introduced Amazon Workspaces, a fully managed desktop computing service in the cloud. "Amazon WorkSpaces allows customers to easily provision cloud-based desktops that allow end-users to access the documents, applications and resources they need with the device of their choice, including laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablets," according to the press release.


Image 1 - AWS Workspaces

By migrating enterprise desktops to the cloud, Amazon WorkSpaces eliminates both the up-front investment and the ongoing management of infrastructure while still offering all the security and efficiency of a centralized model.

WorkSpaces come with a relatively low price between 35 and 75 dollars per month. This is, yet again, another huge step up for Amazon with competitive enterprise IT service.

Find out more about the product in the official introduction to Amazon WorkSpaces.

Also, read the news from TechCrunch.


Video: Andy Jassy at AWS re:Invent

AWS WorkSpaces service have been announced at the AWS re:Invent conference on Wednesday, November 13th.

AWS re:Invent conference is still in progress and will last until tomorrow, November 15th, in Las Vegas, US. Day 1 keynote with Andy Jassy, Sr. Vice President at AWS, is now available online. Watch it below and find out what else are the latest news and innovations for AWS cloud services and learn from AWS customers and partners who share how they're innovating with AWS. Also, visit the official page of the event for a follow-up.



Should AWS be worried about IBM?

AWS is all over the news this week, what with positive results and groundbreaking news, what with some assumptions that IBM will take over the throne, and finally dominate public cloud computing. "Amazon dominates the cloud, but IBM, strengthened by its SoftLayer acquisition, has unleashed a marketing campaign that fires on all cylinders. Whether IBM's cloud is, in fact, better may matter less than Amazon's ability to challenge a company that's made many competitors crumble over the past 102 years," reports Rob Enderle at CIO. "IBM is gearing up for war."

However, David Linthicum (at Infoworld) is not convinced. He believes IBM will make an impact, but still: won't dominate the public cloud. For this, he has recent market numbers to support his conviction: "Amazon took in around 35 percent of the $1.2 billion spent globally on public IaaS in the fourth quarter of 2012, and IBM came in a distant second with 5 percent, according to Synergy Research Group. Other studies show the same (or worse) for IBM, with a few analyst firms leaving IBM off the research altogether, instead naming Rackspace, Microsoft, and Google as Amazon's true competitors." Also, he explains, " IBM has done a poor job in both understanding the cloud computing marketplace and providing compelling products to capture the market."

Find out more about the arguments and read the full article here.


Flash News! AWS is not the only IaaS in town

There are Infrastructure as a Service, i.e. IaaS options beyond AWS, Rackspace, Microsoft and HP World, claims Barb Darrow at GigaOM. He decided to list six more - maybe smaller players, but focused, and fair choices depending on what you need for your business. "The thing is some much smaller cloud providers are not trying to compete with AWS on sheer size and breadth of services but more on specialized features and services or by focusing on a smaller market." Darrow  suggests these IaaS providers to be worth taking a look at:

Of course, all six come with an explanation and introduction, which you can look up here.


DropBox for Business: A Competing Product?

"Meet the all-new Dropbox for Business," was the headline this week, along with the news of AWS WorkSpaces. In addition to single sign-on, two-step verification, sharing controls, and the admin console, the new Dropbox for Business comes with a suite of new features, according to the official introduction:

  • sharing audit logs
  • remote wipe option
  • account transfer option

Dropbox already serves 4 million businesses, reports TechCrunch, and also it has hit 200 million users in November, up from 175 million in July. The game pushes them to want more, and compete more. The new Dropbox For Business client will be rolled out early next year, while businesses can already sign up for early access. This one product is a competing product to recently announced AWS WorkSpaces desktop computing service in the cloud.

Read an in-depth opinion on this at Forbes.


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