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Last Week in Performance Industry - December #4 Edition

Cloud experts look at the year 2014

At SearchCloudComputing they asked cloud experts to look forward to the year 2014 and think of the changes that the year may bring, of cloud vendors that could be the big winners, of new hot technologies in 2014… "It is more likely that the enterprise cloud story will continue forward on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) path and more CIOs will begin to question the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the approach," said Mark Eisenberg. Also, he says: "AWS has become the iPhone of the cloud space. … Hot technologies will be: anything that can keep the NSA away from data hosted on public cloud services." Roger Jennings sees the following year as the promising one for PaaS (platform as a service). "Data-optimized PaaS, typified by the HDInsight Service for Windows Azure Apache Hadoop implementation and easy-to-implement database backends for popular mobile operating systems provided by Azure's Mobile Services will maintain Microsoft's status in 2014 and beyond as the No. 2 public cloud provider behind AWS." Korzeniowski sees mergers and acquisitions as a key theme, David Linthicum says market will focus more on applications in the cloud, rather than infrastructure, Tom Nolle says platform services will add value to IaaS in 2014, Dan Sullivan says next year will be a good year for Microsoft and Google as it has been for Amazon…

See their full statements here and see where the cloud market still has to develop (at least in what can be forecasted).

David Linthicum: Think of 2014 as if we had a Huge Party the night before

"The New Year is a time when many analysts reflect on what occurred over the last year, and what is likely to occur in the forthcoming year," says Linthicum at GigaOM. "I’ve been in this space (cloud computing) since the 1990s. With the rise of the Internet, it seemed like a natural thing to leverage this massive network to share IT resources, not just content. However, it’s an idea that most found difficult to grasp. So, I knew the movement to cloud computing was going to be a long trod of attempts and failures."

He claims that we are now in assimilation phase, and past the introduction. Cloud computing is to be accepted as true technology with value, and thus, understood and leveraged. The problems of assimilation still lie with enterprises, as they are eager yo move data to the cloud, but don't have a good idea of exactly how to accomplish that goal. Three areas bring concern, according to Linthicum: application migration best practices, the thing with PaaS, also: security, compliance and governance.

Read his full review here "The work to move the enterprise to cloud computing is just that…work," he concludes.

China Unicom Launched a full-service OpenStack Cloud

"Chinese telecom China Unicom has launched a full-service cloud computing and big data brand called “Wo-Cloud” built on OpenStack open-source cloud software and delivered from data centers in Hohhot and Langfang," reports the Whir. "China Unicom’s Wo Cloud V2.0 product series includes cloud hosting, cloud storage, and Software as a Service."

The company focus is claimed to be IaaS and PaaS-level products for 3G, broadband and public customers. Wo-Cloud is to face competitors in the following year such as AWS and IBM, but also domestic cloud providers.

Image 1 - China Unicom (Image source)

Read more:

Downtime Report: Top 10 Outages In 2013

Besides looking forward to the following year, some analysis of downtime and errors need also be done. Neverfail group id highlights in top outages in the year 2013. They also analyzed the effects on reputation for the companies. "2013 has seen some massive outages," they claim. "With the Internet of Things creating an increased dependence on the cloud for applications and access to data, there's more at stake than ever before." See the report in an infographic below:

Infographic source:

2013: Top 10 Cloud Computing Stories

Jim Mortleman writes at Computer Weekly about a growing debate over risks and benefits to cloud computing, looking back at the year as both the one that brought the NSA scandal and concerns over security, and the one that was a tipping point for the cloud with many enterprises embracing cloud infrastructure. As top events he lists, of course, the NSA story, then, IBM buying Softlayer to take on Rackspace, G-cloud raising the ceiling for government IT procurement, Dutch banking regulator approving use of AWS public cloud in the financial sector, Gartner reports about hybrid cloud, Switzerland turning into a cloud haven in the wake of a Prism scandal, AWS cementing its runaway lead in the public cloud market, and more… Read the full review here.

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