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Last Week in Performance Industry - June #2 Edition

Infographic: Advanced Technologies Come Together

Wipro, a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company, released an infographic that predicts potential revenue in the area of advanced technologies such as cloud, social, mobile, by the year 2016. "The real power of advanced technologies is experienced when you bring them together," they explain. See the graphics below.  (Image source: http://www.wipro.com/)

wipro future


Cloud Security Market Landscape Paper

In response to a growing number of cyber threats, GigaOM Pro publishes a report that examines the difference between security for the cloud, and security delivered by the cloud. It also takes a look at the market opportunities tied to the rise of IaaS, key technologies that address security needs for both public and private clouds, and emerging business models and companies to watch. "Cyber threats are now a critical issue affecting the national security of nation countries worldwide. This is thanks to a few factors: the rise of cloud computing and big data and the sometimes unclear virtual boundaries caused by increasingly mobile enterprises, among others," explains Keren Elazari.

The paper titled "Cloud security market landscape, 2013–2017" can be downloaded here. http://pro.gigaom.com/report/cloud-security-market-landscape-2013-2017/


NSA Scandal and Public Cloud Paranoia

The whistle blowing news from Snowden about NSA collecting personal information about everyone, including phone calls data made on the Verizon network, one of America's largest telecoms providers, made people once again distrustful towards public cloud. "While there is not a direct link to cloud computing, there are certain aspects of this situation that may have both existing and future public cloud computing consumers a bit more paranoid than before they heard about the NSA scandal," says David Linthicum.

Linthicum also reminds public cloud providers of what they should be most aware now. In short:

  • You may at one point need to turn over customer information to the government
  • You may reach liability problems with the protection of the data that spans borders
  • The NSA scandal will slow the growth of public cloud computing

Linthicum concludes: "The reality is that there is little reason to slow or stop migration to the public cloud, even given the scare around the recent NSA spying. There is no hard evidence today that public cloud computing providers are monitored without the knowledge of the owners of the data."

Read the full article here http://pro.gigaom.com/blog/the-nsa-scandals-relevance-to-the-use-of-public-cloud-based-platforms/


Akamai Enhances Aqua Ion

Akamai technologies, one of the leading cloud platforms for helping enterprises provide secure, high performance user experience on any device, recently introduced important updates to Aqua Ion, their flagship Web experience product.

In a comment to a constant need for optimizing user experience on the web, Gavin Cliffe, a CTO at Ozsale, one of the Akamai's customers, says that Akamai’s Aqua Ion solution has helped them to establish "a site experience that is second to none. With Akamai, we were able to improve performance for our Australian users by more than 130 percent, and as a result, we’ve been able to generate more online revenue and reduce operational costs."  The latest version of Aqua Ion – to which existing Aqua Ion customers can automatically upgrade – tackles the need to understand the real user experience, rapidly and easily apply optimisations to meet situational performance requirements, and improve mobile performance, according to the press release.

The new capabilities added to Aqua Ion are:

  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Enhanced Performance Capabilities
  • Improved Usability and Rapid Configuration
  • Enhanced Mobile Performance

Read more in a full media release here http://www.cfoworld.com.au/mediareleases/16634/latest-release-of-akamai-aqua-ion-focused-on/


Pacnet - Best Data Center and Managed Services in Asia Pacific

Pacnet, a leading provider of integrated network services and data center platforms for enterprise and carrier customers in Asia Pacific, has won the category of Best Data Center and Managed Services at the 2013 Network World Asia Information Management Award, in Singapore, on June 5th.

The winners were selected by the consensus of 100 CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and other IT experts from the region.

“We are pleased to receive this award, which is further validation of Pacnet’s continued commitment to delivering the best products and solutions to support our co-location and managed services customers across the region,” said Jim Fagan, president of Managed Services at Pacnet, during the ceremony. Pacnet’s managed services offerings are backed by its robust regional infrastructure which includes its high-capacity submarine cable systems with over 46,000 km of fiber and connectivity to its data centers across the Asia Pacific region.

Read more from CDN Advisor http://www.cdn-advisor.com/pacnet-named-2013-network-world-asia-information-management-award-winner/

Visit Pacnet's official website http://www.pacnet.com/

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