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Last Week in Performance Industry - July #3 Edition

Cloud and data second-quarter 2013: Analysis and Outlook

GigaOm brings newest trends for cloud computing and big data in the second quarter for this year, that "saw more signs of maturity in the cloud computing market," as they claim. This includes a review of the latest NSA scandal that called cloud privacy into question, new OpenStack standard, more consolidation of cloud computing companies with more big acquisitions and more support for the assertion that cloud computing is truly energy efficient. Linthicum and Mailand highlight some events from this quarter:

  • the release of new information from Berkeley Labs supports the assertion that cloud computing is truly energy-efficient
  • big acquisitions drove more consolidation as well as some concerns from those who placed bets on those being acquired
  • the NSA scandal calls cloud privacy into question.
  • the release of OpenStack Grizzly boosts traction for this already popular standard
  • movers and shakers in big data were Tom Reilly at Cloudera, Sydney Carey at 10gen, and Raymie Stata at Altiscale
  • Tableau’s IPO and new big data VC funds show growth and interest in enterprise software


IBM: 10-Year Strategic Partnership with UniCredit



Image 1 - IBM cloud computing, image source

Today, IBM announced a multi-billion dollar, 10-year agreement with UniCredit that is to transform the IT infrastructure that supports all of UniCredit’s commercial and private banking activities in Europe. UniCredit will now introduce new service models and a cloud-based infrastructure for its data centers. IBM and UniCredit will in addition establish a Value Creation Center that will aim to harness innovation to provide superior service and drive success for clients on a continuous basis.

Erich Clementi, senior vice president of the IBM Global Technology Services said: “When making sourcing decisions, forward thinking organizations like UniCredit are moving beyond basic needs like cost-cutting to higher-order business outcomes such as growth, competitive advantage and, of course, innovation." IBM was so far involved with thousands of clients that adopted cloud technology and manages millions of cloud based transactions every day.

Read more from the official press release.


New buzzword: Multicloud?

"The use of cloud-based platforms in the technology industry continues to evolve into more complex arrangements. Why? The business world now demands a mix of many best-of-breed cloud services to form the optimal solution. The answer is proving to be a concept called - multicloud," says David Linthicum at InfoWorld and explains that multicloud is where the industry has been heading during the last few years. A mix of more clouds, more IaaS providers, a private Paas, more than just a paired private and public cloud (hybrid cloud) is what seems to be on the schedule for the future decade. Linthicum also warns that multiclouds require more thinking around security and governance, they also may develop resiliency issues and have value only if you select the right providers. "It's important that you take the lessons learned from building complex distributed systems to multicloud deployments," he concludes.

Read more from InfoWorld.


All Verizon’s Key Financial Metrics are Up

Verizon, American broadband and telecommunications company announced growth in Q2 driven mainly by smartphones and LTE. Verizon wound up with 941,000 more mobile customers at the end of the second quarter than it started out with. It activated 7.5 million smartphones, including 3.8 million iPhones and 6.4 million LTE devices. Second quarter revenues increased by 4.3% to $29.8 billion, and its quarterly profits jumped by 21% to $5.2 billion. "Verizon's consistent strategic investments in wireless, FiOS and global networks drove strong financial performance in the first half of 2013. Having posted double-digit earnings growth in five of the last six quarters, we are focused on continuing to provide the best portfolio of products on the most reliable networks; capturing incremental revenue growth in broadband, video and cloud services; and sustaining our earnings and cash-flow momentum," said Lowell McAdam, Verizon chairman and CEO.

Read the report by Kevin Fitchard.


SaaS Pioneer Open-Xchange receives $20 million from United Internet


Image 2 Open-Xchange cloud summit announcement Image source

Communication, collaboration and office productivity software suite provider Open-Xchange raised $20M to expand its cloud-based services, Catherine Shu reports for Tech Crunch, and this is the first time that Open-Xchange has announced new funding since 2008. United Internet, Josef Lamberti, and existing shareholders have made the investment to support further growth of the company. The company is behind OpenOffice, an open source competitor to Microsoft’s Office Suite. Now, it is shifting to the cloud to provide more distributed, mobile workforces. “Open-Xchange has the potential to disrupt the cloud market in the coming years. Its technology will change how businesses and private users will buy and consume cloud services. Open-Xchange is uniquely positioned in this market, enabling telcos, web hosters, mobile and cable operators alike to successfully compete with over-the-top giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft,” said Josef Lamberti.

Read the full report from TechCrunch or at DataCenterKnowledge.

It is interesting to note that the 5th annual Open-Xchange Summit will take place in Hamburg in September, announced as "your port of entry to the cloud," that is to connect senior business leaders and industry experts across the Cloud and SaaS marketplaces.

Find more information about the summit here.


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