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Last Week in Performance Industry - August #2 Edition

Amazon Web Services Demistified

There has been much ado about Amazon Web Services and their taking over the cloud market, recently. Newvem (http://www.newvem.com/) analysis brings the story into graphics and explains that it is about "money", but also - "the capacity". AWS operates a 100% profit business unit within Amazon and is expected to become a 3.8 billion dollars business. See what has improved in comparison to last year, and how it has been utilized in an infographic below.


Infographic source: http://www.newvem.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/AWS-Cloud-Usage-Improvements-One-Year-Later.jpg


Meanwhile at Rackspace

"Here’s the problem: Rackspace isn’t growing nearly as fast as chief rival Amazon Web Services," says Derrick Harris for GigaOM. "Rackspace grew its public cloud revenues 36 percent year over year, to $99 million. That’s steady growth, although hardly the meteoric growth its chief rival Amazon Web Services seems to be experiencing."


While AWS brags with a 64% growth year-over-year, Rackspace should be commended for its continued growth, transparency, and the insisting that they do not even compete with Amazon, Google, or even Microsoft. Also, not to forget, OpenStack that Rackspace helped to launch, grew its public cloud revenue 36 percent year over year.

Find out more from GigaOM.


Google Adds More Load Balancing Features to Its Cloud Platform

New balancing features for Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine as well as Datastore have been added and now allow developers to route traffic across a collection of servers and more. "The new features are significant as they show the greater control that Google is giving to developers on the Google Cloud Platform," claims Alex Williams at Tech Crunch. "Contrast that with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which gives users an open slate to build and manage their own stacks," he adds.

Read the full article at TechCrunch.


Webinar: What is the Future of Cloud Computing?

Set the date for August 22, 2013 / 1:00 PM EST when David Linthicum, an SVP at Cloud Technology Partners will be presenting on the future of cloud computing. "While we would think that this is just a change in technology, it’s a fundamental shift in how we are leveraging computing power, and is becoming a game changer for enterprises in how they compete in the marketplace," it is explained in the introduction. The discussion will focus on what's in store for the cloud computing in the following 5-10 years with topics that will cover current trends, including multicloud deployments, the rise of big data and how it impacts cloud computing, the emerging solutions around security and governance, and finally - the future use for pervasive services.

Find more details about the webinar here.


Coming Up: CloudBeat - The Cloud Grows Up

Hosted by VentureBeat, this year's CloudBeat event will take place in San Francisco, September 9-10. Some major themes for the event will include the rise of cloud enterprise, its integration (with Cisco and others projecting more connected mobile devices in the world than people by the end of 2013) and the issue of "Davids vs. Goliaths" i.e. vendors that beat the industry (such as Amazon) and new and exciting vendors that will eventually knock them off their pedestal. The speakers will present for different companies such as Pivotal, Netflix, Paypal, EngineYard, Elance, Dropbox, IBM and more. "The cloud may have grown up, but there's still plenty of scope for innovation in the space," says the official announcement.

Find out more from the official website.


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