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Google unveils Project Fi, Akamai to Optimize Delivery for Simian, Luxottica Works on Google Glass and more news

Google unveils ultra low-cost Project Fi wireless service with pay-as-you-go data rate

Google announced that it’s getting into the consumer wireless business with a new service called “Fi.” Users will pay $20 per month for the service, plus $10 for every gigabyte of data they use. This software approach is increasingly being used by carriers to maximize the network capacity and speed derived from limited spectrum resources.


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The new wireless service will be governed by software that allows connections to alternate between the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, depending on which has the strongest signal at a particular time and place.

Full article at VentureBeat.

Akamai to Optimize Cloud-Based Media Workflow Delivery for Simian

Akamai Technologies, the provider of CDN and web-optimization services and solutions, announced that Simian is leveraging its Media Delivery Solutions to improve the performance and reliability of its cloud-based media workflow and asset management platform. Simian’s offerings allow customers to access their content on multiple devices and platforms. By making use of Akamai’s NetStorage cloud storage solution, Simian can ensure that customers have fast and reliable access to their content irrespective of their geographical location and connection speeds.
Full story at CDN Advisor.

Telstra Completes Acquisition of Pacnet

Pacnet, the provider of networking and communications services in Asia-Pacific region and Telstra, the telecommunications and media company in Australia announced that Telstra had completed the acquisition of Pacnet Limited. The original acquisition announcement was done towards the end of December 2014.

The acquisition of Pacnet will almost double Telstra’s customers in Asia-Pacific and will also provide it with an addition of intra-Asia network and 29 data centers. Telstra's China operations will now be easier to grow with the help of Pacnet’s existing joint ventures.

Read more at CDN Advisor.

Luxottica is working on a second version of Google Glass

Eyewear maker Luxottica is working on the second version of Google Glass. The Italian company’s CEO Massimo Vian confirmed the partnership with Google is going ahead, saying version 2 is in the works and will be out soon, according to The Wall Street Journal. Google stopped selling the first version of Google Glass and shut down the Glass Explorer Program in January. Luxottica controls over 80 percent of the world’s major eyewear brands, including Ray-Ban and Oakley, is not exactly a new Google Glass partner.

Read more at VentureBeat.

Geniatech and Broadpeak Collaborate to Optimize OTT Delivery to Android Set-Top Boxes

Broadpeak, the provider of CDN solutions and video-on-demand (VoD) solutions, announced that it is collaborating with Geniatech, the provider of ODM/OEM Android TV solutions to optimize the delivery of Over-the-Top (OTT) content to millions of Android set-top boxes (STBs) by integrating Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution into Geniatech’s ATV1800 Quad Core Android TV box.

The mixture of the two offerings will allow customers using these Android STBs to stream live OTT video content while only using a few Mbps bandwidth from the operator’s network, which is a huge deal when it comes to improving scalabillity.

Read more at LightReading.

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