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Biggest Ever DDoS Attack (1.35 Tbps) Hits Github, Telecoms 2018 Outlook By Akamai And More In This Weeks News

March 5, 2018 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Github survived the biggest DDoS attack ever thanks to Akamai

On Wednesday, 28th of February at about 17:28 GMT, 1.35 terabits per second of traffic hit the Github developer platform. This DDoS attack was the biggest one recorded ever and all without even using a botnet. The technical term for this type of attack is a memcached reflection attack and it’s highly likely that this record attack will not be the biggest for long.

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Telecoms 2018 outlook by Akamai

Nominum, which is a part of Akamai, recently partnered up with Telecoms.com and have surveyed over 1,500 telecom professionals to see what are their concerns, initiatives and expectations for 2018. The top concern is the increased pressure to lower prices and profit margins, followed by competition from OTT or web-scale giants like Google and Amazon. The third most serious threat is inability to adopt an agile service model.

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Memcached DDoS attacks analysis by KrebsOnSecurity

The new method for launching DDoS attacks recently discovered by malicious actors is a serious threat to websites around the world. KrebsOnSecurity published an article explaining how exactly do these attacks work. New evidence even suggests that this novel attack method is fueling digital shakedowns in which victims are asked to pay a ransom to call off crippling cyberattacks.

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Key takeaways from Akamai Q4 2017 security report

Bizety published their own analysis of the Akamai Q4 2017 security report which is the latest in-depth security report published to date. Akamai gathers information from its globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform, which processes trillions of Internet transactions daily. Huge amounts of data on broadband connectivity, cloud security and media delivery are collected and analyzed to share with businesses and governments “to make better strategic decisions by leveraging this data and the insights it offers”.

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Financial cyber threat sharing group phished

Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) recently disclosed that one of its employees was a successful target of a phishing attack. This attack was later used to launch more phishing attacks against FS-ISAC members. FS-ISAC is an industry forum for sharing data about critical cybersecurity threats facing the banking and finance industries and this attack, even though it’s successfully mitigated now, is a good reminder to be on your guard.

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