What is the Multi-Cloud Approach and Do You Need It?

June 20, 2018 Published in: Cloud Author: Steven Puddephatt

The first time I was asked to design a multi-cloud approach for a platform, I thought ‘this guy must be on drugs!’. For most people involved with public cloud computing it’s still fairly taboo to even talk about it. The reasons are fairly obvious; you spent time and effort choosing the best cloud provider for […]

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Cloud Spend Analytics: How GlobalDots Helped Our Customer Cut 25% From Their AWS Bill

May 22, 2018 Published in: Cloud Author: Steven Puddephatt

reduce aws bill

Recently I’ve been hearing the same story from my clients, it’s getting so predictable I’m almost finishing their sentences for them. It goes something like this… ‘We’ve migrated to the cloud, but our costs keep going up and up and we don’t know why.’ Welcome to the public cloud! That’s essentially the cloud model — […]

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Software Defined Operations: What Is It and How Does it Work?

May 17, 2018 Published in: Cloud Author: Steven Puddephatt

Does your cloud platform feel like the Wild West?  Do you have multiple admins running around causing havoc because you can’t keep tabs on them all? Well you’re not alone and help is at hand. Enter the world of Software Defined Operations or SDO. Now for those not indoctrinated into the world of SDO already, […]

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How to Reduce the Cost of Your AWS Bill

April 25, 2018 Published in: Cloud Author: Steven Puddephatt

Have you ever looked at your AWS bill and wondered how on Earth you ended up paying so much every month? The odds are the biggest slice of that bill is from EC2, and most likely from the cost of running instances (servers). It’s a common problem and the good news is that it has […]

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GlobalDots helps companies to evaluate, purchase, and integrate cloud services by acting as a neutral consultancy layer between vendors and customers with a keen focus on optimizing performance, workflows, and costs.

We're in the unique position to orchestrate full-stack, multi-vendor architectures such as multi-CDN, CDN+WAF+AWS, CDN+Mobile App optimization, dual-DNS, and other interesting setups.

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