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Cloud Computing – Is Your Company an Optimizer, Innovator or Disruptor?

April 19, 2017 Published in: Analytics,Cloud,Internet,Streaming Author: Goran Čandrlić

In recent years the cloud became much more than just a trending innovation, it became mainstream within the IT industry. Its benefits have overflown well beyond just technological innovation. In fact, cloud solutions enable businesses to rethink, optimize, innovate and disrupt. It opens the door for better and more efficient processes with positive impacts that […]

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Dyn Goes Down For Less Than a Dollar, How Does The CDN Ecosystem Look Like And More in This Weeks News

October 24, 2016 Published in: CDN,Internet,News,Security,Streaming Author: Goran Čandrlić

The East Coast internet outage – what happened? This past Friday, October 21st Dyn sustained a massive DDoS attack against their Managed DNS infrastructure which took down the entire east coast with them. Sites like Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and many more were completely shut off from the east coast users. The irony behind the situation, as […]

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The DDoS of The Year!

October 18, 2016 Published in: DNS,Internet,News,Security,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Ithai Lahat

If you are looking for a rapidly growing segment of the IT world, then DDoS attacks is the place to find exponential growth. There are many reports by many companies in the field of DDoS protection, and the numbers vary in some cases. But the trend is more than clear. According to the Verisign DDoS […]

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CDNetworks Expands Their Presence Across EMEA, GlobalDots Linkedin Group And More in This Weeks News

October 3, 2016 Published in: CDN,Internet,News,Security,Streaming Author: Luka Labrovic

CDNetworks launches its EMEA subsidiary CDNetworks, a global content delivery (CDN) and cloud security provider announced on 20th September that they are launching their EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) subsidiary. Their dedicated support team and technical experts are going to be based in London to better support their customers. Other than London, they’ve also […]

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Introducing The New Wowza Player, World’s First Fully Featured IPv6 CDN And More in This Weeks News

September 19, 2016 Published in: Analytics,CDN,Cloud,Internet,Mobile,News,Security,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Goran Čandrlić

Wowza Player Wowza Media Systems just unveiled the new Wowza Player at IBC 2016. Wowza player is an embeddable HTML5 player with a basic user interface that supports dimension resizing, play, pause, seek, variable bitrate playback, DVR capabilities and easy-to-use JavaScript API. The new embeddable media player is designed to complement existing Wowza workflows for adaptive bitrate […]

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Gabon is Back on The Internet After 4 Days, Video Companies Need Better Security and More in This Weeks News

September 12, 2016 Published in: Analytics,Cloud,Internet,News,Security,Streaming Author: Goran Čandrlić

Gabon has internet access again Continuing the story from CloudFlare (from last weeks news), Gabon now has internet access again. On the morning of 5th Sept internet connectivity was partially restored starting at around 0500 UTC. Some news reports indicate that internet access has been restored in the capital but that access to social media […]

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More Than 1,800 Flights Cancelled at Delta Airlines, “Off-Path” Linux Attacks And More in This Weeks News

August 22, 2016 Published in: CDN,Cloud,eCommerce,Internet,News,Security,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Luka Labrovic

More than 1800 flights cancelled due to Delta Airlines system outage On early Monday, August 8, Delta Airlines experienced a massive computer outage that forced it to cancel more than 1800 flights and delay many more. The problem began with a critical power control module at the airline’s technology command centre which caused a surge […]

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Stackpath Acquires MaxCDN, Fireblade, Staminus & Cloak, The Year of The Bloodbath And More in This Weeks News

August 2, 2016 Published in: Analytics,CDN,Cloud,Internet,News,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Luka Labrovic

2017 – The Year of The Bloodbath A recent research done by Bizety clearly states that the year of 2017 will be a bloodbath for the CDN industry. The reason is that many valued players in the field will be forced to exit the industry by acquisition or merger. Akamai is no longer an obvious industry […]

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New Security Threat Emerges, First 360-degree VR Live Stream Report And More in This Weeks News

July 25, 2016 Published in: CDN,Cloud,Internet,News,Security,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Luka Labrovic

New security threat – httpoxy Everyone is talking about the new security threat httpoxy, a set of vulnerabilities that affect application code running in CGI, or CGI-like environments. If you’re running PHP or CGI (and there’s a big chance you are) you should block the proxy header on your website immediately. On the other hand, […]

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New Streaming Record for Akamai, 470 Gbps DDoS Attack Happened and More in This Weeks News

July 19, 2016 Published in: Analytics,CDN,Internet,News,Security,Streaming Author: Goran Čandrlić

New sports streaming record The 7.3 Tbps traffic peak was hit during Portugal – France championship match which eclipsed the former 7.0 Tbps record generated by the Argentina – Netherlands semifinal match in the 2014 World Cup, as Akamai reports. This peak traffic was generated by more than 3.3 million concurrent streams. Here are the top five […]

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