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Google to Slash Poor Performing Apps, F5 Releases IoT Botnet Research Paper and More in This Week’s News

August 16, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Google Takes Aim at Poor Performing Apps Google has recently announced that they’re will be taking further measures on penalizing poor performing apps in their Google Play store. Simply put, those apps that don’t meet performance standards will get down-ranked and increasingly hard to find within the store. The company hasn’t specified how its algorithm […]

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New IoT Regulations to Improve Security Standards, Adobe to Shut Down Flash Player and More in This Week’s News

August 7, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

New IoT Bill to Set Security Standards Proposed A group of US senators has drafted a new bill aimed at enhancing the security of internet-connected devices, commonly called IoT. The bill, also known as the “Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017”, was presented last Tuesday by Senators Mark Warner and Cory Gardner, and […]

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International Effort Brings Down Dark Web Marketplaces, Office 365 Marks Microsoft’s Turning Point and More in This Week’s News

July 24, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Major Dark Web Marketplaces Brought Down by Joint Law Enforcement Efforts A coordinated International operation was confirmed to be behind the disappearance of two major dark web marketplaces. Last week the confirmation – AlphaBay and HANSA have been seized after a cooperative effort by Europol, FBI, DEA and the Dutch National Police. Europol states that […]

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AWS Announces Third Generation EC2, Cisco to Extend Security to Cloud With New Acquisition and More in This Week’s News

July 17, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

AWS Unveils Third Generation Elastic Cloud Computing Last week, AWS unveiled their third generation of EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) instances. In order to meet customer needs that require more powerful computing solutions for visualisations and 3D rendering, new AWS instances offer double the CPU power and host memory as well as the most powerful GPU […]

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Nvidia and Baidu Seal AI Partnership, Netflix Looks to Further Improve Their CDN and More in This Week’s News

July 10, 2017 Published in: CDN,Internet,News,Security,Website Speed Author: Luka Labrovic

Nvidia and Baidu Join Forces to Take AI to Devices and Cloud The Chinese powerhouse Baidu and Nvidia, the chipmaker company, have revealed a newly formed strategic partnership. The goal of the partnership is to accelerate the development of AI solutions for vehicles, cloud data centers and IoT devices. Nvidia’s DRIVE PX platform will be […]

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Microsoft Acquires Yet Another Cloud-based Startup, Cloudflare Reports Cunning 100 Gbps DDoS and More in This Week’s News

July 6, 2017 Published in: Cloud,DNS,Internet,News,Security Author: Luka Labrovic

Microsoft Acquires Cloud Billing Startup Cloudyn Last week Microsoft finalized the acquisition of Cloudyn for an undisclosed fee somewhere between $50 mil and $70 mil. The new arrival in the Microsoft family is probably going to be used to handle cloud cost management services. The cloud billing startup enables users to handle and manage their […]

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32 Terabytes of Microsoft Data Leaked, Amazon Hits Back at Walmart and More in This Week’s News

June 27, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Massive Microsoft Leak A 32 TB archive of Windows 10 builds as well as source codes for private software has been leaked online. As claimed by the Register, the leak could start a wave of Windows 10 exploits. The files were uploaded to the BetaArchive website. They contain Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 builds, […]

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Amazon Sets for Another Major Acquisition, New Fileless Ransomware Strain Discovered And More in This Week’s News

June 20, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Amazon Looking to Offer Slack Takeover Bid Numerous sources suggest that the chat-based team collaboration app is being eyed by many companies, including Amazon. According to Bloomberg, the San Francisco-based startup could be valued north of $ 9 billion. It is still unclear which companies besides Amazon would be interested in a takeover. Although the […]

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Salesforce to Offer Einstein Capabilities to Marketers, Facebook is Moving WhatsApp to its Own Infrastructure and More in This Week’s News

June 14, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Salesforce’s Einstein to Empower Marketers Salesforce is pushing their AI into new industries. The company revealed Einstein Account-Based Marketing, a powerful AI engine whose purpose is to help marketers make better data-driven decisions. The comprehensive B2B solution leverages Einstein’s AI to make it easier for marketers and sales teams to target their top customers. The […]

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One of the Largest Malware Campaigns Ever Hits Google Play Store, Linux Version of WannaCry Ransomware Discovered and More in This Week’s News

May 30, 2017 Published in: News Author: Luka Labrovic

Judy Android Malware Infects Over 36.5 Million Google Play Store Users Security researchers at Checkpoint have discovered possibly the largest malware campaign ever on Google Play Store. The security provider claims that more than 36.5 million Android devices are infected by a malicious ad-click software. Most of the apps containing the adware were developed by […]

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